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    Refraction and diffraction of light through ice crystals in the clouds

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    Philippa On The Ice Philippa Werry at an Antarctic research camp 2016

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Happy birthday to New Zealand Science Today

The publication is a great place to read about the latest science in New Zealand, writes DR JOHN PICKERING.

It’s been one year, 2184 articles, 460 subscribers, and 11,721 “flips” since the online Flipboard magazine that collates articles about what NZ scientists are doing and saying was first published.  Thanks to all the contributors, and especially to all those out in NZ Science-ville who are making a difference and letting the world know about it.  New Zealand Science Today can be found on Flipboard or on the internet here.

Above: A mosaic of New Zealand Science Today flip-board covers.

The motivation for starting New Zealand Science Today was to have one place which collates recent media  – newspapers, radio, blogs etc. – dealing with science about New Zealand and science by New Zealanders.  

The “flipboard” format provides a great way to sift through articles quickly in order to find the ones of interest.

Over the year, I have been impressed by the breadth and quality of science being undertaken by us Kiwis, and I've taken great delight in being able to find another way for others to hear about it.

-          Associate Professor Dr John Pickering is Senior Research Scientist in Acute Care at Christchurch Hospital. He writes a Sciblog: Kidney Punch.

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