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New Zealand Science Teacher

Science Curriculum/Scientific Literacy

Earth science for New Zealand's shaky isles

Annemarie Christophersen develops models to assess earthquake and volcano risks.

Annemarie Christophersen is an earthquake hazard and risk scientist, currently working at GNS Science.

How do you describe what you do?

I work on a number of different science projects, ranging from developing and calculating models for aftershock occurrence, to developing decision support tools for forecasting volcanic eruptions or assessing the risk of leakage for storing CO2 underground. 

What led to your particular interest in geology?

I started out studying physics in Germany because I could not decide what I wanted to do. Someone had said that with a degree in physics you can do just about anything. I came to New Zealand to do a PhD and wanted a topic that was relevant for here, and I happened to find one on the 'probability of a damaging earthquake following a damaging earthquake'.

What do you like most about your work?

My work is varied and interesting and gives me the opportunity to follow new ideas.

Were you interested in science at school, and what was your academic path after school?

Yes, I was interested in science. As said above, I completed the equivalent of a Master’s degree in physics in Germany, and then a PhD in geophysics from Victoria University of Wellington.

How do you think your job might change over the next five or ten years?

Hmm, it is already pretty variable now with different ways of interacting with people all over the world. In that sense, I expect it to be the same, but the projects I might be working on could be quite different.

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